Ways to promote reading in school – just some ideas

  • Plan your reading year, ensuring national events are celebrated and you have events / activities for each age group (see next page – planning the reading year)
  • Timetable visits to the school library for every class and year group
  • Arrange author visits to school
  • Hold a Book week or Book Fair
  • Ensure every class has a good classroom library
  • Put up book-related displays in library and classrooms
  • Hold an INSET day session for teachers to discuss promoting a reading culture, based in library
  • Ensure all new staff receive induction about the library
  • Organise reading clubs
  • Encourage teachers to read aloud with pupils
  • Hold competitions
  • Take pupils to select/purchase books from local bookshops
  • Put up posters of role models with their favourite books
  • Put library reading news on the school website
  • Take classes to the public library -to join and to find out what is on offer
  • Have a suggestion box / recommendation box in the library

National Reading Initiatives  (see also Planning the Reading Year)

Book Awards – to follow and/or shadow

to involve parents and the wider community in reading

  • Write articles about the library for the school newsletter
  • Ensure the library is open on parents’ evenings
  • ask for library volunteers
  • Encourage parents to borrow
  • Take books out to the playground either before or after school when parents/ carers are collecting
  • Establish link with local bookshops and your local public library
  • Ask pupils to ask their parents what was/is their favourite book and create a display
  • Invite reviews of books from parents and other adults

Sources of inspiration

Your primary school librarian will have expert knowledge of the world of promoting reading to children, supported by: