Librarian / Library Co-ordinator

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Responsible to: The Headteacher
Primary purpose: To plan and implement the school’s library policy in consultation with the Headteacher, governors and staff, and in conjunction with the overall School Development Plan.

The postholder will:

  1. Support the school by
    … Managing, maintaining and promoting the school library and teacher resources
  2. Support the teaching staff by
    … Identifying and buying quality resources for the school library and classroom libraries to deliver the National Curriculum and primary strategies and support equality and diversity issues
    … Assisting in the delivery of information skills and information literacy teaching in the school
    … Selecting resources from the Schools Library Services.
  3. Support children’s learning by
    … Promoting enjoyment of, and excitement about reading to all children
    … Establishing skills for independent learning

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Develop and promote the role of the library in the school with an active engagement in diversity and equality issues
  2. Work closely with teaching staff to plan and deliver the information skills curriculum
  3. Promote the effective and efficient use of the library and library resources
  4. Work with teaching staff to take a strategic approach to cultivating a love of reading in children
  5. Develop links with secondary schools to facilitate transition and a coherent approach to library skills
  6. Manage the school library and library resources throughout the school:
  7. Select, acquire, maintain and withdraw library stock, ensuring a balance between subject and ability levels and show an active engagement in diversity and equality issues
  8. Organise, catalogue and classify library resources, both electronic and print-based
  9. Prepare financial estimates for the school library and manage the budget
  10. Supervise and train staff, parents, volunteers and pupil librarians working in the library
  11. Make full use of ICT in the library and manage the library room on the school’s VLE
  12. Make full use of the Schools Library Service and other sources of information and support
  13. Make the library attractive and accessible to all children and staff, including displays, guiding and publicity materials
  14. Keep the headteacher, school governors and parents informed about the needs and development of the library and information service in the school


Person Specification


  1. Knowledge of children’s literature and children’s resources to support the curriculum
  2. Knowledge and understanding of library and information skills
  3. Knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning, of educational issues and the National Curriculum as they relate to the provision of learning resources
  4. Knowledge of and commitment to equalities and diversity issues in the provision of library services 
  5. Knowledge of how ICT can be used to support reading development
  6. Awareness of child development and the role of reading in the educational development of the child

Qualifications & Experience

  1. Substantial library experience, with experience of working with schools or with children
  2. Experience of developing and delivering training sessions


  1. Ability and courage to innovate
  2. Ability to think strategically and creatively, as well as having an eye for detail
  3. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to adapt to very different audiences
  4. Ability to use library management systems and other ICT software
  5. Ability to assume responsibility for your own work, devise your own work schedule and set appropriate targets and achieve them


  1. A satisfactory attendance record (normally less than 5 days in a year) but taking into account individual circumstances.
  2. A CRB enhanced disclosure