Who Selects stock?

The librarian/library co-ordinator has overall responsibility of stock selection and maintenance.

Points to consider:

  • Do all staff have opportunities to recommend resources?
  • Are specialist curriculum and interest areas recognised?
  • How does the library stock relate to classroom collections?
  • Is there a balance between material to support and enhance the curriculum and more popular material to attract and entertain pupils?
  • Can parents/carers and other adults recommend books etc?
  • How do pupils contribute to selection? Do you have a system that enables them to recommend titles to you?
  • Is the specialist knowledge of adults and pupils recognised?
  • Does the school library reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the school and the community. Does it reflect a wide range of faiths, cultures, and traditions, whether these are represented in the school’s community or not?

Supplier selection

This is a concept developed by public libraries, and to be considered if you have a professional librarian running your library.   This is discussed on the “where to buy” page