Top tips for an effective library

  • Create a whole school culture that values reading, with the library as a pivot
  • Have a librarian / staff member who works in the library regularly
  • Allocate a budget for the library so there are finances to provide a wide range of new resources
  • Make the library welcoming – rugs, soft seating, a warm atmosphere and displays all help
  • Keep the library as a library, not as storage space or a group work space
  • Make sure all school staff have knowledge of how the library works so that they can support pupils when they choose books, and encourage reading for pleasure
  • Use a computerised library management system for pupils for issuing, teaching information skills, tracking reading (see Library Management Systems page)
  • Appoint library helpers to keep the library tidy and to help other pupils choose a book to read (see Pupil librarians page)
  • Run interactive activities in the library, with quizzes, competitions, book weeks and more