Creating the Environment

Spaces / Environment

The school library should be exciting and welcoming and identifiably different from classrooms. As a multi-media interactive learning environment, it motivates pupils to explore resources for curriculum related work and their personal interests and stimulates creativity.

Ideally, the school library should be a whole school resource centrally located and easily accessible to all. It should be a single use area. In reality this is not always possible but it is best to strive to find imaginative solutions to achieve as many of these ideals as possible.

The library should include fiction and non-fiction stock; access to ICT including the internet; enough seating for a whole class; study spaces and informal reading areas; and space for display.


Libraries, like all spaces, need to be regularly updated and refreshed.   Most Schools Library Services offer an advisory service and hand-on help with library makeovers, which might include a stock review, an update to design, the purchase of some new furnishings and equipment.   This is a good strategy as someone from outside with specialist skills can bring ideas that can make a significant impact.

Look at the School Library Association Inspiration Award for innovation in school library spaces

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