It is important to develop a regularly changing programme of displays in the library to maintain interest and excitement. Posters promoting books and reading are available from many suppliers including:

  • National Literacy Trust
  • Publishers
  • Commercial suppliers

Schools should encourage the use of the library as a showcase for children’s work, e.g. classes take responsibility for library displays on a termly basis.

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Displays can also be linked to particular promotions of books and resources.   These could be linked to current issues or events, like the release of a film of a book, the publication of a sequel, the announcement of the new Children’s Laureate.   T hey could be related to a curriculum area of study or a celebration in the school, like an international evening, healthy schools activity or Black History Month. They could link to a national celebrated day, for example World Book Day or Poetry Month (list of these available from Booktrust www.booktrust.org.uk)

It is worth having a good supply of display material in the library including perspex book display stands and boxes so that effective promotion can be achieved with minimal effort.

Ideas for creating a school environment that supports reading

  • Foyer displays of library and books
  • Cross curricular displays
  • Use of assemblies
  • Use the library for English and literacy lessons
  • Write articles for newspaper
  • Staff reading to pupils
  • Create expressions page for school website
  • Author / illustrator visits
  • Library newsletter
  • Comfortable area in library
  • Pupils 'top 10' for year groups



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