Library Policy

School library policies define the visions, role, aims and objectives for the whole school community. They are underpinned by good practice.
A good library policy should  make reference to
  • the library’s status as a learning environment in the school and its role in raising achievement
  • the relationship with the school’s overall aims as defined in the School Improvement Plans etc 
  • links to other school polices and support for the curriculum
  •  local and national educational initiatives

The policy should, therefore, include the following:

1.  Mission statement for the library including ideals and visions
2. Aims
  • To develop and foster a love of reading
  • To develop and enhance independent learning skills
3. Objectives
  • Relating to all aspects of library provision
    • accommodation
    • staffing
    • funding
    • learning resources
    • organisation and management
    • stock selection
  • Support for teaching and learning
    • pupil and staff use
    • development of and support for independent learning
    • promotion of reading for enjoyment
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    • to be undertaken and reported regularly      
4. External support
  • School Library Service
  • Public Library Service
  • other advisory agencies  – local and/or national
 NB The policy should be revised regularly alongside other school plans and should be part of the school's cycle of reviews.



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